Part 2~ Shepherd-Princes & Sarah’s Daughters ~A Series of Interviews with Pastors and Their Wives in Honor of Pastor Appreciation Month 2016

Tattoo It On Your Heart


Pastor Schaffer and his wife Suzanne answered my questions separately, as have several of the couples I interviewed. I thought it would be interesting to put them together for this post.

Pastor and Suzanne,          Thank you for your honesty, your heart to serve Christ and His Church and for your sense of humor.

For a bellyful of laughs and sometimes a good Gospel kick in the pants, visit Suzanne’s blog at:

(The scripture above is my contribution to this post.)

Pastor Wayne & Suzanne Shaffer~  New Life, Altoona PA   

Both raised in Christian homes.

Born Again:  Pastor Shaffer 43 years / Suzanne Shaffer:40 years      

Married: 25 years   Children: Son 22 & daughter  19

Full time ministry: 25 years. Lead pastor: 16 years. Pastored: 3 churches.    

Missions trips to 5 countries.    

Did you think when you…

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